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Sandro Botticelli Canvas Wall Art

Sandro Botticelli

Sandro Botticelli (1445-1510) was an early Renaissance Italian painter. He was the artist who was influenced by naturalistic style, referred to as Florentine school. He is famous for his works, The Birth of Venus and Primavera. He worked for all major churches of Florence and for the Sistine Chapel in Rome. He was a painter of the Italian Renaissance and remained unknown to the world for centuries after his death. It was a group of English artists, Pre-Raphaelites, who rediscovered his works in the 19th century. Most of his paintings illustrate Greek and Roman legends. He became an apprentice at the age of fourteen which opened doors for his education. He received fuller education than his early Renaissance counterparts. By 1420, he owned his workshop. Botticelli never got married; the idea of marriage greatly feared him. Some believe that he was in love with Simonetta Vespucci, a married noblewoman. It is also said that she was the model for The Birth of Venus and has an appearance in other paintings although she had died years earlier. Some have even questioned his sexuality. Summing up, Botticelli created some of the finest paintings as an early Renaissance artist. Although his name was lost for centuries after his demise, his works and styles are praised by the artists and critics these days.

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