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Ebova, the nom de plume of the artist Erika Pochybova-Johnson, has forged a body of creative work that stands out for its symbolic resonance, its metaphoric punch, and its divergence from computer-aided design. Inspired by the organic mythology of European Folk Art and legend, Ebova’s work resonates with a timeless and ethereal majesty. Her works seem to come alive on the canvas, taking as her subject the organic lifecycles of things, values, and ideas. Steeped in the world of childhood, Ebova’s works find order in chaos, and strive to reflect sense and optimism in the benevolence of nature. These gentle, stark, and resonant images are ideal objects of contemplation – soothing, intricate, and warm.

Ebova’s style is reminiscent of the Pointillist style that appeared briefly in France in the late nineteenth century, briefly following the revolution ushered in by the Impressionist school of painting. Created by the artists Georges Seurat and then Paul Signac, the technique also marked the beginning of neo-Impressionism, an art movement that was especially interested in color theory. Pointillism was characterized by composing a painting via a collection of small dots or minor stains using only pure colors – that is to say, without mixing on the brush. When observing the work from a distance, the eye perceives secondary tones, thanks to an optical illusion caused by the juxtaposition of the colored dots. This broad, vibrant style was a precursor to artists such as Ebova, who strive to uncover the inner workings of the natural world, and reveal sense, order, and positive energy in the machinations of the modern world.

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