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August Macke Canvas Prints

August Macke

August Macke (1887-1914) was a leading member of the German Expressionist group Der Blaue Reiter (The Blue Rider). He was born to Friedrich Hermann Macke, a building contractor and Maria Florrentine. He was influenced by the works of Impressionists during his first visit to Paris. He art work was also influence by Robert Delaunay’s Cubism after he met him in Paris in 1912. During his travel to Tunisia, its striking and exotic atmosphere played a primary role in his creation of Iuminist approach of his final period. The art works that he created during that period are today considered his masterpieces. His paintings carry the themes of Expressionism as well as have some bits of Fauvism in them. The alteration of color and form in his paintings are focused on fundamentally expressing feelings and moods rather than reproducing objective reality. Macke died fairly young at the age of 27 at the front in Champagne in September 1914, the second month of World War I. His final painting is known as ‘Farewell’ which is painted on the mood of gloom created by the outbreak of war. Macke died young but he has gained his immortality through the paintings.

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