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Frederick Leighton Canvas Art

Frederick Leighton

Lord Frederic Leighton (1830-1996) was an English painter and sculptor. He is well-known for his mythological and historical paintings. He was born in Scarborough to a family in the business of import and export. Because his family was well-off he had a good education and training. At the age of 24, when he was in Florence, he painted the procession of the Cimabune Madonna through the Borgo Allegri. This historical painting of Leighton was later bought by Queen Victoria. His paintings made him famous in London and he was also elected President of the Royal Academy in 1878, and was titled Baron Leighton of Stretton. He was the only English artist to be honored by the title. However, he could not live longer as a Baron. He died the next day he was given the title. That made him the shortest-lived peerage in the history. His remained unmarried throughout his life. His house in Holland Park is the Leighton House Museum now. The museum houses a number of drawings, paintings, and sculptures by him. Through the museum one can take a peek at the life and works of Leighton from very close. Although he could not live longer as a peerage, he lived fully as a painter and sculptor.

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