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Various Takes on Rose-Colored Glasses

While browsing our enormous collection of art, an interesting subject matter trend caught our eye. We noticed various interpretations of rose-colored glasses in our art prints, and thought we’d pull them into a curation. Given these “strange and uncertain times,” this curation could be just the right dose of optimism you need.

Rose-colored glasses are a figure of speech traditionally indicating unwavering optimism. People described as wearing rose-colored glasses tend to see everything on the bright side. Our curation showcases literal takes on this expression, like tinted sunglasses, and more metaphorical takes on the phrase, such as portraits with blooming roses placed deliberately over their eyes. Whether it’s embracing optimism, making a statement on naivete, or just presenting a cool visual, you’re sure to find an artistic version of rose-colored glasses that means something unique to you.

iCanvas has a fun variety of rose-colored glasses-inspired prints, making it easy to find one that fits your personality. Check out our curation below to find one that speaks to you.

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