Artist Spotlight

New Artist: Gregory Prescott

iCanvas is excited to offer prints by Gregory Prescott, whose portfolio of visually striking images exhibiting humans in graceful poses has been highly acclaimed in the world of fine art photography.

The eye-catching movement, defined shadows, and strong highlights in Prescott’s black and white images seem straight out of an editorial feature. Prescott’s subjects are diverse in gender, race, body type, and sexuality, celebrating the holistic beauty of the human form. Broadening the cultural spectrum in fine art photography is a mission he tackles with his work, knowing he harnesses the power to usher in a long-awaited era of diversity in art and media.

Gregory Prescott is a self-taught photographer currently based in Los Angeles, having also lived and worked in Houston, TX and Brooklyn, NY. Check out some of Prescott’s prints below, and click here to see their full catalog of art available on iCanvas.

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