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Sugar Fueled: Dark Candy Art With Heart

iCanvas is thrilled to offer prints by Sugar Fueled, whose lowbrow portfolio of oil paintings features colorful candies, big-eyed creatures, and an optimistic shade of melancholy. With National Dessert Day today, we couldn’t resist celebrating this artist, whose cute catalog is sprinkled with gumdrops, donuts, ice cream, pies, cakes, lollipops, and other classic confections.

Also known as Michael Banks, this pop surreal artist’s creative expression has graced many mediums over the past 20 years. From tattoos to clothing to music to street art to children’s stories and more, his unique experience resulted in the sugary scenes available today. While his work is undeniably sweet in in substance, Sugar Fueled’s broader goal is to make the world a sweeter and happier place. 

From wide-eyed kitty cats to pink-haired princesses, some adorable scenes offer a dose of playful whimsy and innocence. While other art prints keep it cute, a darker twist is often in the mix. Whether it’s a skeleton enjoying some heart-shaped cotton candy or a mysterious black tentacle emerging from some ice cream, it’s clear everyone (and everything) in this sugar fueled world enjoys a sweet treat. 

Keep scrolling to get a taste of Sugar Fueled’s artwork, and click here to view his full collection of art on iCanvas.

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