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Art Prints Celebrating Alaska

The largest state in the US, Alaska is full of natural beauty. From rolling tundras to mammoth mountainscapes to vibrant wildlife, there’s no shortage of impressive scenery across the state’s 663,000+ square miles. Purchased by the US on October 18, 1876, today’s curation 154 years later is to celebrate all the allure of this last frontier.

From polar bears and humpback whales to bald eagles and red foxes, the creatures who call this northern state home range in size, habitat, and threat. Artists often depict Alaska’s amazing animals perusing various landscapes, but the impressive landscapes themselves are inspirational. From the awesome experience of the northern lights to the cities Alaskans call home, the state’s mystifying beauty and intimate charms inspire a variety of art.

Whether you’re looking for photography capturing spectacular views, aiming to show love for one of it’s 16 national parks, or just want to remember a special trip, iCanvas has a variety of art celebrating the state of Alaska. Keep scrolling to discover which small part of this spacious state speaks to your heart.

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