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Artists We Heart Ed. 26: Meet 16 New iCanvas Creators

More art means it’s easier than ever to discover art you love! Whether you want to add imagination or a conversation piece to your space, connecting new artists with art appreciators like you is one of the best parts of welcoming more creators to iCanvas’ creative community.

From cosmic dragons to empowered women to ominous creatures, meet 16 new iCanvas artists who can help you bring thought-provoking vibes, organic feels, and more kinds of energy to your space.

  1. William Toliver
  2. Irina Greciuhina
  3. Ievgeniia Bidiuk
  4. Danielle English
  5. Kasionatta
  6. Marina Beresneva
  7. Bee Harris
  8. Jody Wright
  9. Victoria Metaxas
  10. Viktoria Latka
  11. Kirsten McKinzie
  12. Tero Porthan
  13. DarkStar
  14. Whitney Blackburn
  15. Kerri Shipp
  16. Oksana Petrova

Keep scrolling to get to know the newest artists we’re proud to partner with. You might just discover some new art that can move you, spark conversation, or help tie a room together.

William Toliver

Contributing his inspiration to the simple beauty to be found in the moments between camera flashes, William Toliver creates vivid paintings and collages. Blending abstract elements, bold colors and sometimes including street art imagery, his work has the power to bring good vibes or even a sense of nostalgia to your space.

Click here to see more of William Toliver’s work on iCanvas.

Irina Greciuhina

In my artistic practice I am interested in recording and showing the diversity and ambiguity of human nature as well as the mystery of all aspects of human personality.” With a specific focus on the many archetypes of women, Irina Greciuhina captures the complexities of femininity. Her creations have the power to add bold vibes and glam to any home.

Click here to see more of Irina Greciuhina’s work on iCanvas.

Ievgeniia Bidiuk

Capturing the essence of a time and a place, Ievgeniia Bidiuk creates digital art and photography of city scenes, landscapes and portraits. From sundrenched fields to architectural beauty, her work can help you add quaint and charming vibes to your space.

Click here to see more of Ievgeniia Bidiuk’s work on iCanvas.

Danielle English

A lover of both dragons and space, Danielle English creates fantasy worlds of her own through her digital creations. Blending majestic creatures with celestial elements, she captures an otherworldly essence. The result are trippy prints that can captivate your imagination.

Click here to see more of Danielle English’s work on iCanvas.


“Aesthetics and harmony are above all for me.” Blending her love for fashion and nature, Kasionatta creates elongated, stylized fashion illustrations. Often giving off a stoic sense of sophistication, her subjects are dark and dreamy and perfect for bringing emotional depth to any room.

Click here to see more of Kasionatta’s work on iCanvas.

Marina Beresneva

Striving to convey the beauty of nature, Marina Beresneva paints impressionistic abstract rich with color and natural elements. “I want to show that the world is diverse and wonderful. And humans are only a small part of the universe, they’re not the planet’s owners but merely its children.” Her creations are perfect for adding chic, fresh vibes to any space.

Click here to see more of Marina Beresneva’s work on iCanvas.

Bee Harris

Celebrating Black femininity, Bee Harris creates vivid digital illustrations bursting with color and meaning. With the ultimate goal of lending a voice to social justice advocacy, her work can help you add everything from bold, hip vibes to empowering, uplifting energy to both your home and heart.

Click here to see more of Bee Harris’s work on iCanvas.

Jody Wright

Taking a voyage through “human and animal adventures,” Jody Wright captures the curiosity and bonds of people and animal companions. From pet portraits to funny and sweet scenes, her work can help you add adventurous, charming vibes to your home.

Click here to see more of Jody Wright’s work on iCanvas.

Victoria Metaxas

“Visiting picturesque parts of the world is what makes me feel alive!” Inspired by her travels, Victoria Metaxas creates bright, beautiful photography of landscapes and architecture all over the globe. Her creations are perfect for anyone hoping to cure their wanderlust.

Click here to see more of Victoria Metaxass work on iCanvas.

Viktoria Latka

Referencing creativity as her main occupation, Viktoria Latka lives to paint her feelings. Capturing everything from still lifes to the complexities of femininity, her creations span classic to contemporary. The resulting works are perfect for anyone trying to add chic decor or thought-provoking pieces to their space.

Click here to see more of Viktoria Latka’s work on iCanvas.

Kirsten McKinzie

Fascinated by the metaphysical, Kirsten McKinzie creates digital art prints celebrating astrology and spirituality. Centered around the moon, her celestial creations capture the connectedness between humans and the cosmos. “Each piece I create allows me to push the boundaries of my vision, allowing my subconscious to come through and share its magic.”

Click here to see more of Kirsten McKinzie’s work on iCanvas.

Tero Porthan

With a love for all things gore and folklore, Tero Porthan creates digital art of dark, twisted creatures. Using black and white compositions, he embraces a sense of underworld horror. The resulting works are perfect for adding edgy or macabre vibes to any room.

Click here to see more of Tero Porthan’s work on iCanvas.


Striving to “change living space into life space,” DarkStar creates various styles of art to add style to your space. Whether you want wistful abstracts, nature photographs or classic portraits of pop culture icons, their work provides a variety of choices for any style.

Click here to see more of DarkStar’s work on iCanvas.

Whitney Blackburn

Capturing some of the most famous faces – in film and in reality – Whitney Blackburn draws pop culture portraits. Using simple sketches embellished with subtle characteristics, she captures the recognizable traits of your favorite characters and iconic figures.

Click here to see more of Whitney Blackburn’s work on iCanvas.

Kerri Shipp

“I wanted prints that were unique and beautiful, yet didn’t break the bank.” Taking artistic matters into her own hands, Kerri Shipp creates simple art prints of flora and fauna. Often classic and soft, her creations can help you add a chic touch to your home.

Click here to see more of Kerri Shipp’s work on iCanvas.

Oksana Petrova

With a love of the fragrance and magic of flowers, Oskana Petrova paints delicate bouquets rich in texture. “I believe that flowers are perfect creatures of nature and I want to convey this feeling in my paintings.” Her botanical creations can help you add chic, fresh vibes to your walls.

Click here to see more of Oksana Petrova’s work on iCanvas.

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