Artist Spotlight

DEMÖ: Drag-Inspired Fashion Illustrations

iCanvas is excited to offer prints by DEMÖ, whose distinctive portfolio of art evoking darkness, fashion, melancholy, and confidence all at once creates a style that’s darkly intriguing.

The figures in DEMÖ’s work are remarkably bold, with shadowy eyes, spindly limbs, sharp profiles, and exaggerated features that nod to both lowbrow art and traditional fashion illustration. Inspired by the art of drag, the figures are often depicted in poses reminiscent of vogueing, with thematic elements drawing influence from astrology, folklore, and the supernatural.

Known officially as Demontier Meireles, DEMÖ is based in São Paulo, Brazil, and credits a connection to queer culture as a source of unconscious expression. Recent features by brands like Beautiful Bizarre speak to the artist’s growing esteem in the art world. 

Check out some of DEMÖ’s prints below, and click here to see their full catalog of art available on iCanvas.

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