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2020 Art Trend: Inspired Interiors

Yep, we’ve been spending an abundance of time indoors these days. Coincidentally, we’ve been following an art trend this year that’s all about indoor life. Experts in art and decor noted depictions of interior spaces on the rise as early as 2019 — and we’re here for it! We curated prints of Inspired Interiors to help you bring this trend home. 

The great outdoors are a go-to when it comes to finding inspiration, but this art trend encourages the opposite. From fine art to digital graphics, to watercolor illustrations, these prints offer a charming glimpse into interior spaces in a variety of styles. With spaces ranging from simplistic to opulent, to plant-obsessed, to downright messy, each print celebrates the individualism within, allowing viewers the chance to embrace their own space, or escape to another. 

iCanvas has a huge variety of art prints featuring Inspired Interiors, making it easy to find one that fits your personality. Check out our curation below to find your perfect piece.

Didn’t find one you love? Browse our complete Inspired Interiors art trend collection available on iCanvas.

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