Making Your Space

Create Your Perfect WFH Space With Art

Once upon a few weeks ago, many of us used to have “working from home” as a nice, flexible little option we take now and then in times of need. Now it’s become the norm for the better part of our world, it’s the perfect time to create a WFH space you love.

Art is an easy way to create a vibe you crave. Depending on the nature of your job, you may desire a space that promotes productivity, gets your creative juices flowing, keeps you calm and grounded, or simply makes you smile. No matter your goals, we’ve got art to help you bring your home office vision to life.

Stay Productive

“Hard Work Beats Talent” by Stoian Hitrov

You’re a rockstar in and out of the office and everyone knows it, but you’re never one to turn down a little extra motivation now and then. Motivational typography is known to help boost productivity, while art depicting the daily grind and even a good cup o’ coffee can inspire you to keep doing your best.

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Get Creative

“Rift” by Spellbound Fine Art

Whether you’re sketching the foundation of the city’s next skyscraper or whipping up sleek logos for clients, you’re a creative wizard and you own it. But, even the best hit creative slumps! Try abstract art, which stimulates the brain by encouraging reactions to formless images. Not your thing? Try vivid, digital surrealism to spark your intrigue.

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Be Calm

“Sun In The Hand” by Whales Way

When you’re stuck with back-to-back phone calls, drowning in emails, and approaching deadlines, sometimes the best thing you can do is pause and clear your head. Minimalism can do wonders when it comes to decluttering your space and mind! Other styles of art like serene landscapes or clean typography with mindful mantras can be just the trick to help you keep calm.

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Feel Lighthearted

“Highland Cow In Bathtub” by Amy Peterson

Do you find yourself getting lost in your day-to-day, or does your job deal with heavy issues? Lighthearted art prints can put an instant smile on your face and tap into your fun side in the comfort of your own home. Art with whimsical animals, funny characters, or quotes that help you take life less seriously are great ways to keep your spirits lifted.

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iCanvas has a huge variety of art prints for WFH-ers, making it easy to find one that fits your personality. Browse art for office spaces or check out what’s trending this week to inspire your WFH space!

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