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Ken Salaz: Majestic Landscapes That Connect Us to Nature

iCanvas is thrilled to offer prints by Ken Salaz, whose landscape paintings are full of alluring views and majestic vibes. Featuring glowing skies, soothing waters, and other stunning displays of nature, his captivating artwork gives off calming energy with scenic vibes.

A descendent of the Native American Yaqui tribe, he takes inspiration from his heritage by creating art reflecting the importance of the environment. Standing with the beliefs of transcendentalism, he strives to be the modern voice for Ralph Waldo Emerson and others through his work – emphasizing that humans are meant to be caretakers of the earth. Showcasing the outdoors with an array of mystifying elements, he says, “My hope, in the broader context, is that my work helps revitalize our nation’s awareness of our true American heritage, which is rooted in the relationship to the land”. 

In addition to the iCanvas site, his breathtaking artwork has been featured in publications such as “Fine Art Connoisseur” and “Plein Air”. No matter where his art is shown, his artistic goal is to create “poetic expressions” rather than replicating exactly what he sees around him. With such passion for the preservation and recognition of our connection to Mother Earth, his paintings provide a glance at realistic yet compelling lands. 

From mesmerizing mountain sunsets to daytime waves on sandy shores, each print offers a dose of natural beauty. His portrayals of fresh air settings can help spark appreciation for the wonderful world we live in. Whether you prefer the relaxing rush of waterfalls, the silence over nighttime lakes, or the enchantment of rainbows peeking through clouds, his serene scenes are a great way to show off your admiration for our planet.

Keep scrolling to see some of Ken Salaz’s striking work, and click here to view his full collection on iCanvas.

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