Artist Spotlight

Experience Timeless Folk Art by Ebova

The beauty of folk art is its ever-evolving meaning from culture to culture, artist to artist, and viewer to viewer. If you’re looking to bring folk art into your decor scheme, Ebova is an artist who creates intricate pieces depicting the natural world to evoke the timelessness and warmth of folk art.

Known officially as Erika Pochybova-Johnson, much of the inspiration behind Ebova’s work comes from the symbolism and mythology of European folk art. Her appreciation for nature and its soothing qualities is evident in her work. Drawing influence from Pointillism, the artist’s technique consists of multiple dots in true pigments. This results in a multi-tonal, energetic experience for the eye. Any print from Ebova’s body of work could make a great addition to spaces with folksy, bohemian vibes.

Ebova has been painting full-time since 2007, and is the winner of many prestigious art competitions. Her work has been exhibited in galleries throughout the nation. Check out the curation below for a preview of Ebova’s work. You can also browse her complete collection of canvas and framed paper prints available on iCanvas.

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