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Celebrate Living in Color With Art

From your clothes to your hair to the art you hang at home, we support living life in color. Each hue on the spectrum has a unique influence on our mood, how cultures communicate, and how we express ourselves. In celebration of National Color Day, we put together a curation highlighting popular shades with a variety of prints that bring them to the forefront.


Amalfi Coast Door by Bethany Young

It may come as no surprise that blue is the single most popular color in decor. Often associated with the sky and the sea, it’s a tone that many use to create a pleasant and soothing interior.

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Sakura I by Natxa

Known for commanding attention, using red in any capacity is sure to draw eyes. A color often associated with emotional extremes, art with red tones can add a powerful element to your space.

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Love Yellow Pls by Anikó Salamon

Yellow can bring a refreshing brightness and warmth to art and decor. With common associations to light and the sun, this color has the unique ability to be both striking and mellow.

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Bright Pink II by Jenny Rome

From soft pastels to pulsing neons, pink is a color that’s more than “pretty.” Whether it’s a dusky horizon, peaceful floral, or bubbly pop portrait, pink can bring levity to your space.

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Malachite II by Naomi McCavitt

Though green has many connotations, its universal presence feels natural. Green art and decor can complement anything from your plant obsession to your festival-ready space buns.

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Ready to dive into other colors of art, or explore your favorite color pairings? Shop by color on iCanvas to find your perfect piece.

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