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Artists to Know: 10 Black Artists to Support Today

In honor of Black History Month, we’re introducing you to 10 Black artists each week you can support year round. iCanvas would be nothing without our diverse family of creators, and we’re proud to play a role in increasing representation of artists who are historically underrepresented across the industry. We hope you find a new favorite creator.

From New Jersey to Jamaica, these 10 incredible Black artists come from all backgrounds and experiences. Inspired by everything from childhood cartoons to civil rights leaders to the beauty of everyday life, their art is designed to spark imagination, motivate, relate, and start conversation. 

Below you will find art of various styles and mediums, whether you dig otherworldly creatures, faceless portraiture, tribal ancestry, pop culture, or other vibes. Keep scrolling to discover just a few of the many Black artists we’re proud to partner with.


Before mastering his unique, trippy spin on portraiture, TECHNODROME1 began his artistic journey by drawing cartoons of his childhood icons — including his namesake, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Today, TECHNODROME1 pays homage to famous faces and symbols by creating psychedelic illustrations combining nostalgia with contemporary themes. “The color schemes I use can only be explained in one word: Acid.”

Click here to see all of TECHNODROME1’s art on iCanvas.

2. Thomas Blackshear II

With a long career creating oil paintings and illustrations of Western scenes, angelic features and African American heroes, Thomas Blackshear II is known for his dramatic lighting and sensitivity to mood. The sense of spirituality and history depicted in his work has led him to be featured across the world, as well as in National Geographic magazines and United States postage stamp collections. His latest accolade includes being inducted into the Society of Illustrators Hall of Fame in 2020.

Click here to see all of Thomas Blackshear II’s art on iCanvas.

3. Reyna Noriega

As an Afro Latina artist, author and educator, Reyna Noriega seeks to motivate others by promoting inclusivity and expanding cultural representation through her art. Inspired by the joy and clarity the creative process brings, she creates bestselling vibrant pieces capturing everything from minimalist landscapes to a strong sense of sisterhood and empowerment. Her artwork was featured in the 2020 BET+ Holiday Market and she also has two collections of poetry available on Amazon.

Click here to see all of Reyna Noriega’s art on iCanvas.

4. Salaam Muhammad

Frustrated by the impact of stereotypical tropes portraying inner cities as riddled with drugs and crime, Salaam Muhammad set out to create visionary art promoting what he calls “a profound culture of peace and prosperity.” Inspired by his own spirituality, his fine art oil paintings blend the surreal with the realistic to celebrate everything from Black love to classic music, depicting a side of Black life not represented enough in the mainstream.

Click here to see all of Salaam Muhammad’s art on iCanvas.

5. Artist Ria

“I never see myself as an artist. Rather, a poet on paper with a paintbrush.” Artist Ria taps into human emotions to create conversation pieces depicting everything from representative portraiture to motivational typography to the beauty of human connection. Her artwork has caught the eye of several celebrities, including Chris Rock, Zendaya, Marsha Ambrosius, Swizz Beatz and many more.

Click here to see all of Artist Ria’s art on iCanvas.

6. Paul Lewin

Born in Kingston, Jamaica, Paul Lewin credits his father as his first artistic influence, with fond memories of his profound storytelling. Inspired by Caribbean and African folklore, as well as afrofuturism, nature and science fiction, Lewin now tells his own stories through oil paintings of tribal art depicting ancient, futuristic and interdimensional versions of his ancestors. “My favorite part of the work is storytelling. Each piece has its own story to tell, and for different viewers the story might change.”

Click here to see all of Paul Lewin’s art on iCanvas.

7. Hillary D. Wilson

Hillary D. Wilson celebrates the beauty in people and nature by creating dreamy illustrations of ethereal environments. With a master’s degree in medical illustration from John Hopkins School of Medicine, she has combined her passion for art and science into a career. Using these skills, she contrasts realism of skin tone and anatomy with perfectly imperfect features to create everything from otherworldly beings to somber portraiture. 

Click here to see all of Hillary D. Wilson’s art on iCanvas.

8. Domonique Brown

Contemporary pop artist Domonique Brown creates graphic art and illustrations that defy traditional pictorial representation. From animals in bathtubs to famous and faceless portraits, her range as an artist varies from energetic to minimalistic. 

Seeking to represent the beauty and vibrancy of people of color, she lets her experiences as a Black woman shine through in her work in hopes of empowering others. Her pieces have been featured in season four of Insecure, as well as The Shade Room and Artspace Warehouse.

Click here to see all of Domonique Brown’s art on iCanvas.

9. Tafari Mills

Inspired by his West Indian background combined with his exposure to communities across the East Coast, Tafari Mills creates art depicting the essence of Black excellence. Fond of charcoal and graphite mediums, he mostly creates realistic portraits and illustrations that demonstrate the beauty and strength of Black culture. Sometimes wandering into the surreal, he incorporates celestial elements to capture the magic of his subjects.

Click here to see all of Tafari Mills’ art on iCanvas.

10. DeeLashee Artistry

DeeLaShee founder Deann Wiley creates acrylic paintings and digital art designed to empower and uplift Black women by telling their stories. Inspired by social justice and the intersection of her own identities — Black, Woman, Queer & (Dis)Abled — DeLaShee’s artwork captures everything from female icons to Black friendships to minimalist silhouettes. As a current grad student studying counseling psychology, she feels strongly about increasing the number of Black women in the field. “When I’m not painting, I’m learning, growing, healing, and each phase of my journey can be seen through my art.”

Click here to see all of DeeLashee Artistry’s art on iCanvas.

It’s an ongoing priority for iCanvas to increase the diversity of artists on our site, and we are thrilled to continue growing our partnerships with Black artists. Get to know more Black artists on our blog and explore our growing collection of art by Black artists to find creators you can support this month and beyond.

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