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Artists We Heart Ed. 27: Meet 12 New iCanvas Creators

More art means it’s easier than ever to discover art you love! Whether you want to add imagination or a conversation piece to your space, connecting new artists with art appreciators like you is one of the best parts of welcoming more creators to iCanvas’ creative community.

From faceless beauties to alphabet letters to comical characters, meet 12 new iCanvas artists who can help you bring endearing vibes, psychedelic energy, and more kinds of moods to your space.

  1. Naolito
  2. Rosabelle
  3. Jenny Geuken
  4. Vicki Hunt
  5. Paola Zakimi
  6. Andileh
  7. Jane Rix
  8. Richell Castellón
  9. Holumpa
  10. Ilene Richard
  11. Tanija Petrus
  12. Cheri Christensen

Keep scrolling to get to know the newest artists we’re proud to partner with. You might just discover some new art that can move you, spark conversation, or help tie a room together.


Naolito animates favorite foods and everyday objects into cute characters with a comical twist. Based in Spain, his humorous prints range from Alien-parodying avocados to daredevil popcorn kernels to missing socks on milk containers. His fun and colorful artwork is a great choice if you’re looking to create a lighthearted atmosphere.

Click here to see more of Naolito’s work on iCanvas.


Feeling drawn to nature and wildlife on a personal level, Rosabelle specializes in animal art. Creating pastel drawings of intimate portraiture, she hopes to show “how sentient, loving, sensitive and entertaining animals are.” From canoodling zebras to comfortable lion cubs, her delicate artwork can help you bring wild and expressive vibes to your space. 

Click here to see more of Rosabelle’s work on iCanvas.

Jenny Geuken

From the curious gaze of a monkey to the fearless face of a tiger to some larger than life meditation in the woods, Jenny Geuken paints surreal scenes with delicate realism. Aiming to capture the beauty and power of the world around and within us, her ethereal yet powerful artwork can help you create a spiritual or psychedelic atmosphere at home. 

Click here to see more of Jenny Geuken’s work on iCanvas.

Vicki Hunt

Based in Hampshire, England, Vicki Hunt is inspired by the incredible rural landscapes of South Downs National Park. Using acrylic, ink, and digital tools to create art, she offers a wide variety of prints perfect for nature lovers. From brightly colored Robins to black and white Schnauzers to delicate fields of dandelions, her artwork is a great way to bring sweet and botanical vibes to your space. 

Click here to see more of Vicki Hunt’s work on iCanvas.

Paola Zakimi

Paola Zakimi creates cute illustrations full of charm. From cosmic adventures with cats to a mouse-piloted yellow submarine to an adorable alphabet from A (armadillos) to Z (zebras), her playful prints are full of endearing vibes. Making her artwork a great way to help create an educational and imaginative atmosphere. 

Click here to see more of Paola Zakimi’s work on iCanvas.


Considering storytelling as a huge part of her process, South African artist Andileh creates faceless females with something to say. Her digital paintings often feature women engaging with nature, from daydreaming in fields of flowers to tending to their greenhouse to carrying potted plants. As a result, her work is a great way to add some soft and organic vibes to your space.

Click here to see more of Andileh’s work on iCanvas.

Jane Rix

Jane Rix captures wildlife, nature, and other fascinating scenes on her travels. From elephants in Sri Lankan rivers to Amsterdam architecture to sunsets over Yosemite valley, her artwork is a great way to help create a captivating atmosphere. With such a large collection available, it’s easy to find a moment that fits your decor style.

Click here to see more of Jane Rix’s work on iCanvas.

Richell Castellón

Cuban-born impressionist artist Richell Castellón paints expressive, urban scenes. Infused with a powerful sensitivity to light and movement, he focuses on capturing the emotion of a scene. “I want people to hear the painting. The details aren’t important. It’s the overall effect.” From Cuban sidewalks to New York intersections, his dramatic artwork can help you create a lively and powerful atmosphere.

Click here to see more of Richell Castellón’s work on iCanvas.


Children’s book illustrator Holumpa creates adorable scenes of animals having adventures. From tea partying turtles to pet triceratops rides to tightrope walking mice, her charming characters are sure to spark imagination and smiles. Making her a great pick if you’re looking for art to help create a fun and friendly atmosphere.

Click here to see more of Holumpa’s work on iCanvas.

Ilene Richard

While Ilene Richard’s portfolio offers some animal artwork and floral still life paintings, the majority of her catalog features colorful, figurative creations. Her art is based on her observations of people involved in everyday activities. But as a children’s book illustrator, it’s important to her to create a narrative quality to her painting. From people hard at work to sharing a laugh with a friend, her colorful artwork can help you create a bold and captivating atmosphere.

Click here to see more of Ilene Richard’s work on iCanvas.

Tanija Petrus

Ukrainian artist Tanija Petrus creates vibrant oil paintings full of color and texture. His abstract work features people, places, musical instruments, and more. From a stylish sea of umbrella-fairing passersby to a nighttime moment on a Parisian boulevard, his artwork is a great way to help you bring lively and fashionable vibes to your space.

Click here to see more of Tanija Petrus’s work on iCanvas.

Cheri Christensen

Cheri Christensen’s art is heavily influenced by time spent on her grandfather’s cattle ranch. Her warm portfolio of oil paintings includes farm animals like roosters, cows, ducks, and pigs. “My focus is on the farm animals, their character and the use of color, light and texture to convey a mood.” If you’re looking to add some rustic vibes and a bit of wild to your walls, check out Christensen’s sun-drenched catalog of creatures.

Click here to see more of Cheri Christensen’s work on iCanvas.

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