Wall art of a white unicorn with ice cream cone on head
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Various Takes on Unicorns

Unicorns symbolize magic, hope and endless possibilities to everyone from little children to hopeless romantics to stray pups in need of a friend. Popularized by European folklore and cemented into our imaginations by storybooks and pop culture, these mythical creatures instill in us a dazzling sense of wonder. Which is why it’s no surprise Unicorn Day is recognized nationally on April 9! To celebrate, we put together a magical curation fit for believers young and old. 

Prevalent in various tales across countless cultures, unicorns have intrigued and enchanted humans for centuries. From the belief in the healing powers of their horn to their representation of purity, these majestic beings take on new meaning depending on legends and perspectives. In modern day, their symbolism continues to evolve but our awestruck intrigue remains.

While it’s predicted the original recorded “unicorn” was actually an Indian Rhinoceros, we believe unicorns can exist in any way you decide. Whether you fancy enchanting flair or want to create a space as unique as they are, keep scrolling for captivating takes on this magical creature.

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