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Various Takes on Pianos in Art

Traced back to 1655 in Italy, pianos have been creating auditory art for centuries. This acoustic, stringed instrument is responsible for a plethora of sounds from delicate to daunting to undeniably danceable. The musical versatility of this traditionally wooden machine has its sound featured across genres and generations, and the visual art honoring it is just as diverse.

Like songs, each artwork in this curation offers a different energy, despite featuring the same instrument. From cosmic backdrops to outdoor scenes to abstract interpretations, these 88 keys and their passionate players are captured across artistic styles. Bring grandiose vibes to your humble abode with art featuring the classic grand piano, or showcase some surrealism from artists attempting to capture the feel of sound on canvas. Whether you’re simply an appreciator, feeling nostalgic about those childhood lessons, or regularly play today, piano art is a perfect way for music lovers to honor this iconic instrument at home.

No matter your decor style, iCanvas has a variety of takes on art prints featuring pianos. Check out our curation below to find one that strikes your chord, and find links for more musical art below! 

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