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Various Takes on Holding Hands

In such a huge world with so many cultures, viewpoints, and histories, we often find ourselves isolated within the bubbles of our daily lives, rarely challenged with the opportunity to appreciate life from another human’s perspective. Luckily, art can give us the power to shift our perspective, think outside of ourselves, and be better to our fellow human beings. Joining hands is a universal symbol of unity and togetherness, and we curated art featuring this symbol to help you bring those loving, peaceful vibes home.

Our curation features a variety of images of people holding hands. Family members, friends, recent grads, lovers, friendly animals, and even complete strangers are just some of the images you’ll find hand-in-hand. Prints like these can inspire us to stay connected and compassionate with those we love, and more importantly, with those who need it most.

iCanvas has a great variety of prints featuring the symbol of holding hands, making it easy to find one that speaks to you. Check out our curation below to find your perfect print.

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