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Inspired By: Pride Vibes in New York 2019

Around the world, many of our favorite events and gatherings have been put on hold, with the most recent bring Pride festivals and parades. For members of the LGBTQ community, these events are a time of celebration, positivity, and connection, and for many outside of the community, it’s a time to stand in solidarity. In a moment of longing for Pride festivities in years past, we came across an awesome image captured last year in New York. We were so inspired by its colors and energy, we pulled an entire curation together with similar vibes.

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I’m a bit late for #worldcircusday but here’s my throwback post from World Pride Day 2019 marching & performing on the @houseofyesnyc float 🌈 That was such a fun-filled dream-like day! One that I’ll always cherish as one of my favorite NYC memories 💗 Practicing aerial seems like such a distant memory since the lockdown took into effect on Mar 13 in NYC. Add to that my growing pregnant belly- not just a quarantine food baby 😝, a human baby due in August! It’s going to be a VERY long time til I’ll be able to be in the air again 😞 It’s also going to be a very long time til I can see my aerial fam again since I need to stay in quarantine until I give birth, for the safety of this bébé. I really miss this beautiful art form, and the loving community surrounding it 💗 Being grounded is never fun, I’m already looking forward to the day to fly with you guys again. . 📷 @pixeljournalism . . . . . . . #houseofyesnyc #prideparade #prideparadenyc #worldpride #rainbowpower #lgbtq #lyra #aerialhoop #aerialdance #aerialarts #aerialistsofinstagram #aeriallove #aerialperformer #imissaerial

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Aerial performer @izzystardustnyc from Brooklyn’s famous House of Yes steals the spotlight on a street of Pride paraders. The joy, laughter, and explosion of color, glitter, and ribbons give us the vibes you can only get from an exuberant moment of self-expression. This is what makes Pride so special, and why we curated prints that can bring those feelings home. From glorious glitter fights to rainbow hairdos to declarations of love to colorful symbols of togetherness, you’re bound to find a print that brings the Pride parade to you. Check out our curation below to find one that speaks to you!

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