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Show Your Love For Red Hair With Art

Like anything in life with a rare occurrence, redheads have a special beauty all their own. In celebration of National Love Your Red Hair Day last year, we pulled together a curation showing love to everyone with fiery-hued locks through art. When we saw the date approaching this year, we couldn’t resist adding even more art featuring this luscious shade! Whether you’re a redhead yourself or have someone in your life who is, show pride with a print from our redhead-inspired curation.

Linked to a recessive gene, red or “ginger” haired folks account for only 2% of the world’s population. They’re pretty lucky in the age department, as redheads never go fully grey. Rather, their hair turns a light blonde or silver over time. Oddly enough, it’s been observed that bees tend to be more attracted to redheads, presumably because their hair more closely resembles flowers. If that doesn’t say “beauty,” we don’t know what does! As all beautiful things do, people with ginger-hued manes have inspired centuries of art, expressed in every style and medium.

iCanvas has a huge variety of art inspired by redheads, making it easy to find one that fits your personality. Check out our updated curation of redhead art below to find your perfect print.

Didn’t find your perfect shade? Find it in our complete collection of 300+ redhead-inspired prints available on iCanvas.

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