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Various Takes on Elephant Art

Elephants are admittedly one of our favorite members of the animal kingdom, so we’re back for year three of celebrating Elephant Appreciation Day with an art curation showcasing artists’ various takes on these awesome creatures. 

Beyond their massive stature, significance across various cultures, and overall adorableness, these regal beings also rank in intelligence among humans and primates, having indicated signs of self-awareness, impressive long-term memory, and capability of complex emotions like grief and empathy. These are just some of the many reasons creators across the globe are inspired to bring elephants into their art. 

Because so many artists are drawn to elephants, it’s easy to add this gentle giant to your space, regardless of your decor style. From boho-infused watercolors to minimalist portraits to steampunk characters, these magnificent beasts show up in various styles and mediums of artwork. 

iCanvas has a huge variety of elephant art, making it easy to find one that fits your space and personality. Whether you’re looking for a sweet scene, something a bit surreal, or elephant art that’s kind of silly, check out the curation below to find your perfect print.

Didn’t see one that fits your home? You’re sure to find it in our complete collection of 1,500+ elephant art prints available on iCanvas

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