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Artists We Heart Ed. 23: Meet 15 New iCanvas Creators

More art means it’s easier than ever to discover art you love! Whether you want to add imagination or a conversation piece to your space, connecting new artists with art appreciators like you is one of the best parts of welcoming more creators to iCanvas’ creative community.

From floral portraiture to nature photography to adorable pups, meet 15 new iCanvas artists who can help you add elements of nature or psychedelic vibes to your space.

  1. Victor Nizovtsev
  2. Sue Graef
  3. Lena Smirnova
  4. Aliaksandra Tsesarskaya
  5. Laura Oppelt
  6. Angelica Tcherassi
  7. Amy Eichler
  8. Charlie Moon
  9. Arleta Smolko
  10. 125th Fash Avenue
  11. Jenn Kay
  12. Larisa Chigirina
  13. Johansen Newman
  14. Svetlana Bagdasaryan
  15. Well Well

Keep scrolling to get to know the newest artists we’re proud to partner with. You might just discover some new art that can move you, spark conversation, or help tie a room together.

Victor Nizovtsev

A student of rich and diverse experiences, Victor Nizovtsev creates fine art oil paintings influenced by the Golden Age. Whether you crave ornate detail and lavish imagery, or magical scenic landscapes, Victor likely has a theatrical creation that will inspire your walls.

Click here to see more of Victor Nizovtsev’s art on iCanvas.

Sue Graef

People must disengage from stressful day to day existence, and I would like to think my work provides that escape.” Lightheartedly sharing her perspective through her art, Sue Graef creates vibrant paintings of colorful city scenes. Her creations have the power to add urban vibes and a burst of energy to any wall.

Click here to see more of Sue Graef’s art on iCanvas. 

Lena Smirnova

“I take my art seriously but I do not take myself seriously in art.” Striving to spread joy, Lena Smirnova paints vibrant still lifes of everything from animals to portraits to food. The result is a variety of creations that can help capture any style and personality.

Click here to see more of Lena Smirnova’s art on iCanvas.

Aliaksandra Tsesarskaya

“My works of art are my world, my reality and my soul.” Blending energetic brushstrokes and vivid colors, Aliaksandra creates impressionistic abstract paintings of women, animals and plants. With a passion for social and environmental justice, her work can add bold, empowering vibes to your space.

Click here to see more of Aliaksandra Tsesarskaya’s art on iCanvas.

Laura Oppelt

Inspired by the beauty of the Faroe Islands in France, Laura Oppelt quickly became passionate about photographing wild and pristine landscapes. Traveling across Europe, she captures awe-inspiring scenes of seascapes, mountain views and more. As a result, her work can help you add breathtaking vibes to any wall.

Click here to see more of Laura Oppelt’s art on iCanvas.

Angelica Tcherassi

Striving to inject good vibes into the daily lives of others, Angelica Tcherassi creates bright, minimalistic abstracts. Blending vibrant hues and shapes, her creations exude positive energy. The results are bold creations perfect for brightening up any room.

While no longer an iCanvas partner, you can check out more of this artist’s work here.

Amy Eichler

Using oils and acrylics in bright colors, Amy Eichler paints pet portraits and wildlife art. Embellished with vivid shades and vibrant brush strokes, she captures the wild side of each of her subjects. As a result, her creations can add a pop of color and energy to your walls.

Click here to see more of Amy Eichler’s art on iCanvas.

Charlie Moon

Determined to “transform ideas into pure visual language,” Charlie Moon creates digital illustrations often celebrating divine femininity. Blending bold, abstract elements with female figures and bold colors, her work gives off a bold essence. The result are mesmerizing prints that can bring spiritual or enchanting vibes to your space.

Click here to see more of Charlie Moon’s art on iCanvas.

Arleta Smolko

Combining animals, plants and fantastical backgrounds, Arleta Smolko paints vivid, colorful scenes. From bold botanicals blending with tropical birds to magic gardens with majestic creatures, her work can help you add enchanted, earthly vibes to your space.

Click here to see more of Arleta Smolko’s art on iCanvas.

125th Fash Avenue

“I create to inspire others to see their own blooms and light.” With a love for daisies and the purity, innocence and new beginnings they represent, 125th Fash Avenue creates illustrations blending florals, femininity and minimalism. As a result, their creations can bring simple, self-love vibes to your space.

Click here to see more of 125th Fash Avenue’s art on iCanvas.

Jenn Kay

Jenn Kay’s iCanvas portfolio of cute animated scenes featuring mostly dogs and cats makes her a great artist for pet parents to check out. From downright adorable to littered with sass, her fun illustrations offer a way to bring some lighthearted vibes to your space.

Click here to see more of Jenn Kay’s art on iCanvas.

Larisa Chigirina

Merging colors and tactile brushstrokes, Larisa Chigirina creates paintings of landscapes and wildlife.“I love color as a means of expression of emotions.” Her creations have the power to add scenic, refreshing vibes to any space.

Click here to see more of Larisa Chigirina’s art on iCanvas.

Johansen Newman

With a self-professed “fondness for edge and funk,” Johansen Newman paints figurative portraits of people, puppets and pets. Often bringing them together, she captures an indie essence with a dose of whimsy. Whether you love animals or twisted storybook vibes, she likely has a print for you.

While no longer an iCanvas partner, you can check out more of this artist’s work here.

Svetlana Bagdasaryan

Crediting a 2010 accident for her interest in painting, Svetlana Bagdasaryan creates paintings of abstract compositions and female figures. Contrasting shapes, colors and brush strokes, she creates thought-provoking dimensions. The resulting works can add femininity and depth to your home.

Click here to see more of Svetlana Bagdasaryan’s art on iCanvas.

Well Well

Using his art as a metaphor for human existence, Well Well layers abstract backgrounds with line drawings. Incorporating animal imagery to comic book elements, he creates chaotic pop art worlds. The result are pieces that can add obscure, edgy vibes to any wall.

Click here to see more of Well Well’s art on iCanvas.

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