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New! White Floating Frames For Stylish Canvas Prints

Canvas art is a stunning piece of decor all its own, but sometimes adding a frame can give your art that extra “something.” If you’re looking for a way to showcase your art, iCanvas’ all-new white floating frames can give your art a subtle edge. 

Hug The Beauty by Anikó Salamon

Visualize the difference between a framed and unframed canvas by observing the room above. Although both presentations are certainly pleasing to the eye, the white floating frame anchors the art to the rest of the space in a way that’s understated and chic.

Love the look of a white floating frame but unsure of how to use it? Follow our simple rules of thumb below.

Play Up White Accents in Your Print

If your art has white in its color scheme, using a white floating frame can really make it pop. Although each print above varies in style, subject, and color scheme, all have strong white accents that create cohesion when framed in white. 

Complement White Accents in Your Home 

To varying degrees, white is an inevitable part of most people’s decor, but when used with intention, it can create a clean and stylish space. Each room above exemplifies a different vibe, however, the white accent pieces are a consistent factor. Framing art prints in white ties everything together into a finished look. 

Bring Dimension to a Colored or Patterned Wall

If you thought white frames were just for minimalists, think again. Spaces with non-traditional walls need art too! Concerned your art will clash a little too much with your vibrant walls? Add a frame to give it a more breathable dimension. Amidst a roomful of colors, the frames above complement white tones on the wall, breaking up the noise with a touch of uniformity.

Have your eye on a print that you’re dying to frame? Find it on iCanvas to see what it looks like framed in white!

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