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Inspired By: Agnieszka Osipa’s Wearable Creation

At iCanvas, we appreciate all kinds of art. We love coming across unique art forms outside of our two-dimensional world. During one of many scrolls through Beautiful Bizarre’s Instagram, we came across a wearable creation by artist Agnieszka Osipa that absolutely blew our minds! So much so, that – you guessed it – we curated art inspired by her incredible work of art.

One look at Osipa’s creations and it’s clear that her work transcends the realm of fashion. Breathtakingly ornate and delightfully uncanny, her models don’t just “wear” her looks. Rather, the figures fuse with her creations to become something otherworldly. Check out her work to see masks that hauntingly obscure eyes, collars that reach to the sky like trees, and crowns fit for kings and queens of beautiful folklore-ish nightmare worlds. We found all kinds of art prints that reminded us of the dark, armor-like corsetry in the image above. If you’re into this vibe, check out our curation below for a print that speaks to you!

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