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Art To Boost Brain Vibes Year-Round

Summer’s winding down, which means it’s almost time to sharpen your pencils, open your books, and awaken your mind! Whether you’re learning in class or remotely, surrounding yourself with art is a great little boost for brains of all ages. Abstract sparks creativity, motivational art inspires, and educational prints support learning. From homeroom to living room, keep ‘em stimulated with prints from our Back to School art curation by age below. 

Pre-K & Kindergarten

It’s out of the nursery and into toddler-hood! These curious little brains are still absorbing the world around them, so why not add art to it? Even the youngest of humans can reap the benefits of art. Prints with shapes, numbers, letters, and lovable animals makes learning the basics beautiful. 

View Art for Pre-K & Kindergarten Brains

Elementary School

Diving into the coolest parts of math, science, reading, and social studies makes school just as fun as stomping around the playground. At this stage, art can be a great way to help kiddos use their brains to get to know the world around them. From world maps to planetary charts to stimulating abstracts, check out art with knowledge and imagination. 

View Art for Elementary School Brains

Middle School

The world just got a little more real! Don’t be scared when the pages get longer and the problems get harder — this learning period’s all about change. It’s all about discovering new interests, skills, and individuality. Art celebrating these passions is sure to inspire. 

View Art for Middle School Brains

High School

This is the big leagues! Learning isn’t just about cramming equations and essays, it’s also about newfound freedoms and having a healthy appetite for questioning the world. Art that celebrates the world’s most brilliant minds, resurrects literary heroes and heroines, and challenges social norms can keep adolescent brains thirsty for knowledge.

View Art for High School Brains


Whether dorm life is on campus or at home, this is the time to shake things up. For young adult brains, knowledge feels infinite and possibilities feel endless. Where school used to be a chore, it’s now a way to carve a new path in life. Find art that flexes skills, shares passions, explores new worlds, and expands minds.

View Art for College Brains


We can’t forget about the grown-ups who lead these brain-boosting journeys! Whether you’re a teacher who loves visual-learning or a parent just trying to enjoy the ride, find art that speaks to your role in shaping their world.

View Art for PTA Brains

Didn’t see the perfect print for your little (or big) one? Visit our complete Back to School curation to browse more stimulating art for all ages.

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