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Honoring The History of Civil Rights With Art

In observance of Black History Month, we reflected upon civil rights movements supporting black communities worldwide and their impact on the art world. As a movement still relevant to social discussions, and since these discussions often play a critical role in art, we were inspired to curate prints that maintain these ideals and commemorate its most influential figures. 

This curation includes prints recalling the movement in the past and reimagining them in the present. Artistic depictions of the plight of Ruby Bridges, the strength of Martin Luther King Jr., and the words of Maya Angelou are featured alongside typography with messages of bravery and change, and universal symbols of peace, hope, and togetherness. At home, these prints can spark great motivation, inspiration, and historical appreciation on a daily basis.

iCanvas has a wonderful variety of prints celebrating Black History Month, civil rights, and the achievements of its leaders. Check out our curation below to find one that speaks to you.

For more art honoring black culture and history, browse our complete collection available on iCanvas

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