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Can You Name the Women Who Created These Iconic Works of Art?

Many people can’t name five female artists, and we want to change that. We’re participating in the National Museum of Women in the Arts’ #5WomenArtists campaign to raise awareness of historic female masters, and to bring prominence to burgeoning masterful women artists today (many of whom have art on iCanvas).

Think you know your female artists? Take our quiz below and see how well you can pair these famous works of art to their creators. When you’re done, familiarize yourself with the state of affairs of women in the arts, learn about some of the fantastic female masters on, and challenge your friends to see if they can name #5WomenArtists!



  1. These women were so talented as our many women who are artists today.
    They create paintings, quilts, pottery, photography and jewelry. Best of all women are
    the givers of life and create babies with all the love in their hearts!

  2. I was happy that I knew as many as I did-honestly the last few were not familiar to me-more reading on the topic-and viewing- thanks whoever got me on this list—Maryalice

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