Artist Spotlight

Exclusive Artist: Jane Monteith

Jane Monteith is an independent artist whose portfolio of minimalist, richly organic prints make for great additions to any nature lover’s space. iCanvas is proud to be the exclusive provider of wall art by Jane Monteith, allowing you to bring home museum-quality reproductions of her earthy art prints.

Inspired by the unique beauty of rock formations, Monteith’s mixed media pieces are created from acrylics and inks and are finished with resin. Her ‘70s-esque shapes and patterns bring a retro vibe to her work that still feels timeless, and demands the attention of anyone who loves texture. The simplicity of nature always makes for a great fit indoors, and Monteith’s an expert at capturing it in her art.

Currently based in Canada, Jane Monteith is an English, self-taught artist who creates contemporary art through a collage style. Check out our curation below for a preview of her work. You can also browse her complete collection available on iCanvas.

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