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Edo: The Chicago Artist You Need to Know

Despite working with thousands of artists, it is always an honor and privilege to partner with an artist from our nearby city of Chicago. We’re so excited to introduce Edo, whose backstory influenced a portfolio of work that earns him recognition throughout his hometown and beyond.

Describing his art as “imaginative and futuristic,” the self-taught artist, illustrator and fashion designer made his Art Basel debut in 2018. “Color is my thing,” he proclaims in an interview with WTTW. This is easy to see in his portfolio, which features vivid portraits of iconic figures made up of intricate mosaics of his life. However, behind these lively portraits is a dark past. Growing up in a family plagued by addiction, Edo moved from foster home to foster home in a life of struggle and uncertainty. Today, his mission is to help mentor and save inner-city youths in the same way that he was — with art. Taking a look at his Chance the Rapper portrait, you’ll see that it’s comprised of Pac Man characters, crayons, Chicago flags, peace signs, microphones, music notes, and even Ninja Turtles, creating a sense of intentional joy Edo hopes to bring to the world. 

Check out some of Edo’s creations below, and click here to view their full iCanvas collection.

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