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2020 Art Trend: Faceless Portraits

As we slowly creep up on Spring, we can’t help but think about ways to renew our lives with art. We looked to what’s trending for inspiration, and currently, we’re all for faceless portraiture. No eyes, nose, or lips about it! We pulled iCanvas prints that feature faceless figures so you can bring this trending style of art home. 

Portraiture is constantly evolving, with this recent offshoot bringing in elements of abstract and pop art to inform the overall trend. The absence of features works to emphasize the figure’s general look and form, potentially leaving room for viewers to more strongly see themselves. In some cases, the trend is also used as a way to celebrate pop culture, honoring iconic celebrities who are easily identifiable without their facial features. If you’re looking for a unique way to bring portraits into your space, this could be a great trend for you. 

iCanvas has a huge variety of prints featuring the faceless portrait trend, making it easy to find one that speaks to you. Check out our curation below to find your favorite faceless art print.

Didn’t find one you love? Browse our complete Faceless art trend collection available on iCanvas.

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