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Decorating Challenge: Beautifying The Bathroom With Wall Art

We believe in art’s power to inspire a mood, change a vibe, relax the brain, stir creativity, and more. So we champion hanging art you love, everywhere you live. To us, this includes the bathroom. And as you’ll see, some of our shoppers agree! 

While it may not be the first place you think of to beautify at home, we tend to spend a lot of time in the bathroom. Adding some art is a perfect way to bring some color and personality to this everyday space. To help inspire some ideas, we curated some stylish scenes shared by our shoppers of how they beautified their bathroom with art.

Art Above The Bathtub

Whether it’s a scene to make you smile, feel stylish, or calm and serene, above the tub is a perfect focal place. Why not gaze at a cascading waterfall as you lather up? Or start your day bathing with a highland companion? From bringing pops of color to keeping things minimalistic, we love the ways these shoppers spruced up where they wash up.

Art Above The Toilet

While not all spaces have bathtubs, all bathrooms have toilets. Whether in the master suite or the powder room, it’s a pretty classic place to hang some art. From sassy and full of personality to luxurious palm tree looks, we love the different vibes each print brings to the room.

Art Above The Towels

Towels are often how we dry hands at home in the bathroom, making the space around it something you look at pretty frequently. Why not hang something you love here? From favorite cities to elegant florals to water-themed scenes, we love all the ways to beautify above the bar.

Art Above The Vanity

There’s a lot being done at bathroom sinks, which is why a mirror usually resides above the vanity. Depending on the size and shape of your space, there may not be much wall space here to play with. But we love how these shoppers each used the available space above their vanity to bring art into these everyday spaces.

Bathroom Art In Different Places

Bathrooms can be weird rooms to decorate sometimes. With all their functional spaces and sometimes odd orientations, the “right” place to hang art in the bathroom is wherever it fits! From by the shower to alongside the toilet, we love how much personality each print brings to these shoppers’ bathrooms.

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