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Decorating Challenge: Art Above The Fireplace

Hearths are often located in rooms we spend a lot of time in. And while we believe every room can benefit from adding a bit of beauty, there’s no denying the influence your fireplace decorations have on these high traffic spaces. Displaying art you love in this focal point is a great way to set the tone of your room, and therefore your day.

To help inspire some ideas on how to decorate with art above the fireplace, we pulled together a few looks shared by iCanvas shoppers. From tying together a theme to making a dramatic statement to celebrating the season’s holidays, keep scrolling to see all the ways people hang art above the mantel.

Art To Make A Statement

From unusual subjects to dramatic colors to pop culture icons, we think these selections do a great job of catching eyes. Whether or not they’re surrounded by decorative accents, these prints are hard to miss. And since attention tends to gravitate towards the fireplace anyway, why not give folks something interesting to look at?

Art To Fit Your Decor Theme

Whether your room is wall-to-wall theme, features a dedicated color pop, or showcases a small decorative motif, art that compliments your existing vibes is a great way to help pull the space together. If you’re trying to create upnorth cabin feels, want to add pops of pink, or simply love the look of lace, you should definitely consider artwork above your fireplace that shares those common details.

Art To Decorate For Holidays

Christmas is a popular reason people decorate their fireplaces, but other holidays or seasons are a great way to update your space throughout the year. Adding artwork with spooky vibes, fall leaves, or spring trees, can add a festive feel to your space. Whether you leave the print up to celebrate a favorite time all year, or whether you rotate your fireplace artwork with the seasons, consider adding holiday artwork above your mantel for an extra special touch.

Art Leaning On The Mantel

Avoid the nails by simply leaning a print on the mantel. Whether the art is large and the main focus or small and one of many decorative accents, this is a simple and easy way to add some art to your space. From retro cats and abstract landscapes to farm animals and colorful florals, this is a great way to feature whatever art you’re leaning towards.

Art For Unusual Spaces

Not everyone’s mantel space or personal style allows for “normal” solutions. We love seeing how shoppers get creative to accomplish their decor goals. From vertical panels to horizontal panoramics to leaning more than one, sometimes the shape of your fireplace can dictate a lot. We think these shoppers did a great job of incorporating art into these unusual spaces.

More Fireplace Art Decoration Inspiration

Get inspired by checking out even more looks from iCanvas shoppers featuring how they decorate with art above the fireplace.

Feeling inspired? Click here to see best sellers, here to browse art by color, or here to shop our Make A Statement art collection. Otherwise, keep scrolling to shop the art featured above shoppers’ fireplaces.

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