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Celebrating #BlackGirlMagic With Art

At iCanvas, we value the diverse backgrounds and experiences of our artists, and in turn, the diverse messages they choose to express through their art. One of the most powerful social movements of recent times is Black Girl Magic, which illustrates “the universal awesomeness of black women.” According to Julee Wilson of HuffPost, “It’s about celebrating anything we deem particularly dope, inspiring, or mind-blowing about ourselves.” Many iCanvas artists have explored this empowering theme in their work, and in honor of Black History Month, we couldn’t help but pull some into a curation.

Our curation showcases black women in many different elements, with portraits ranging from ethereal to stylish to mysterious. Other prints depict black women engaged in various activities, such as pursuing passions and academic achievements, exploring nature, and simply relaxing at home. When previous eras offered very one-dimensional representations of black women, or no exposure at all, art inspired by this movement portrays black women as the multi-faceted, dynamic, and driven individuals they truly are. The inherent beauty that shines through in this celebration of black women is, of course, nothing short of magical.

iCanvas has an amazing variety of art prints that celebrate #BlackGirlMagic, making it easy to find one that speaks to you. Check out our curation below to find your perfect print, and click-thru to view more art with #blackgirlmagic on iCanvas.

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