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Benefits of Art: How Blue and Yellow Art Can Stimulate Your Pampered Pup

Pampered pups have the heart of our iCanvas team. And it’s only natural we want them to enjoy art as much as we do. So, in honor of National Dog Day, we’re sharing art featuring colors dogs can see. Spoiler alert! It’s not just black and white.

Greyhound Wearing Glasses February 1987by Rue Des Archives

“Can dogs see in color? In short, yes! And are dogs color blind? Well, it’s complicated.”

Hannah Gilman, Rover

Colors Dogs Can See

While dogs don’t see the world through ROYGBIV-colored glasses like humans do, they do still pick up more shades than what we originally thought. “Dogs definitely see the world differently than people do, but it’s a myth that their view is just black, white and grim shades of gray,” writes Nancy Dreschel, Associate Teaching Professor of Small Animal Science, Pennsylvania State University. 

Because they lack certain light receptors that we have, dogs can only see in hues of yellow and blue. Which, lucky for us, leaves a lot of dog friendly decor choices outside of the drab realm of blacks and whites.

For instance, this is what the blue and yellow pug portrait below looks like to our furry friends:

And while it’s not as vivid as our perspective, we dig the idea of our pampered pups getting to enjoy the art we choose for our homes.

Stimulate Your Dog’s Brain with Blue and Yellow Art

“Our four-legged companions do in fact enjoy the stimulus that many works of art can offer them,” writes Heather Logue. And though we’ll likely never know exactly how our dogs feel about different art styles and subjects, we do know they see a version of what we do. Especially when shades of blue and yellow are involved! And with art shows targeted toward our canine kids like dOGUMENTA and Play More popping up in major cities, we’re all for making this a part of how we choose to decorate our homes.

Keep scrolling for art featuring colors dogs can see so you can spoil your pampered pups even more!

Didn’t find one you love? Browse our collection of blue and yellow prints. Or stick with the classics by exploring black and white art.

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