Photography of woman in blue dress looking up at blue cathedral by female artist Hobopeeba
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Artists to Know: 10 Female Artists Giving Us Life

We’re honored to partner again with the National Museum of Women in the Arts (NMWA) in their Women’s History Month initiative to help you name #5WomenArtists. Thanks for joining us each week this March to get to know more female creators. Explore each featured artist here to add their names to your list.

From Mother Earth to motherhood, these 10 female artists gain inspiration from a wide range of passions and backgrounds. From surreal photography to rainbow watercolors to faceless angels, they offer countless ways to add a bit of magic, pops of color, or inspiring vibes to your space.

While women continue to be underrepresented and underpaid in the art industry, there are signs of progress on the horizon, including the fact that women in the arts are found not to experience the “motherhood penalty” — AKA lost or stagnant income after children. Continuing our partnership with NMWA, we’re excited to introduce you to some more of the many female artists we are proud to partner with. 

Whether you want to get lost in mythological worlds or find inspiration through motivational typography, keep scrolling to discover a new favorite creator to help you breathe life into your space.

Chen Hongzhu

“Most of my work deals with the injured warmth of memory or disrupted fantasies. I believe that in every person’s heart lives two children – one that turns to the light and another that feeds on darkness.” Juxtaposing soft shading and porcelain dolls with twisted obscurity, Chen Hongzhu captures a sense of wounded innocence. Her unique pop surrealist spin on delicate subjects can add a touch of fantasy and symbolism to any space.

Click here to see more of Chen Hongzhu’s art on iCanvas.

Stephanie Law

Exploring mythology and the symbolism of nature, Stephanie Law’s art blurs the line between fantasy and reality. Whether you want to surround yourself with elements of Mother Earth or get lost in otherworldly scenes, her work offers an organic yet fantastical escape. Expanding on her love for the natural world, you can see more of her work in her Undying Tales series, of which 50% of proceeds go to environmental charities. 

Click here to see more of Stephanie Law’s art on iCanvas. 


Capturing beautiful landscapes and architecture in magical light, Hobopeeba creates ethereal photographs often featuring human subjects complemented by their surroundings. “The most important thing in photography is rhythm and unity,” she says — a statement that parallels the poetic feel of her work. Whether you want to cure your aching wanderlust or celebrate one of your favorite places, her art can transport you there. 

Click here to see more of Hobopeeba’s art on iCanvas.

Kirstin Wood

Aspiring to make the world smile, Kirstin Wood paints colorful pet, plant and fruit portraits and creates feel-good typography designed to brighten someone’s day. Whether you want to pay homage to your fur babies or remind yourself to stay positive, her collection of vibrant prints can help you set an uplifting tone.

Click here to see more of Kirstin Wood’s art on iCanvas. 

Nicholle Kobi

After observing the lack of representation of Black women in western society, Nicholle Kobi realized her purpose was to create Black art free of cliché and stereotypes. The result is a collection of fashion illustrations celebrating Black women, their passions, relationships and daily lives. Combining style with a strong sense of sisterhood, her work can add both trendy and empowering vibes to any space.

Click here to see more of Nicholle Kobi’s art on iCanvas.

Teddi Parker

“The thing that I get the most comments on is [the paintings] brought them joy — it lightened the mood of their day.” Focusing in on ordinary scenes and objects, Teddi Parker captures the beauty of daily life. From landscapes to city scenes, and from florals to cups of coffee, her versatile collection can tie together a wide range of decorative themes while reminding you to find joy in little moments.

Click here to see more of Teddi Parker’s art on iCanvas.

Gretchen Roehrs

Gretchen Roehrs takes playing with her food to a whole new level. “It was only a matter of time before my lunch made it into my illustrations.” Combining her love for style with her lunchtime hobby of doodling, she creates line drawings of fashionistas donning outfits made mostly of fruits and vegetables. A vibe fit for both trendsetters and foodies, it’s no surprise her quirky, chic creations gain praise from both the fashion industry and the food scene.

Click here to see more of Gretchen Roehrs’ art on iCanvas.

Rut Art Creations

Painting faceless angels accompanied by uplifting quotes, Rut Art Creations hopes to inspire others to see themselves in each of her pieces. Orphaned at age two, she credits her faith, husband and children for inspiring her creativity. The compassionate, spiritual vibes prevalent in her work are sure to add warm, heartfelt vibes to any space.

Click here to see more of Rut Art Creations’ art on iCanvas.

Stephanie Corfee

Combining rainbow colors, uplifting imagery and words, Stephanie Corfee creates watercolors and oil paintings designed to add radiance to any room or mood. From kaleidoscopic florals to hand lettered motivations, her work exudes sunny, youthful vibes that we eagerly soak up. Sharing her inspiration with others, Stephanie has authored several art books for children and aspiring artists.

Click here to see more of Stephanie Corfee’s art on iCanvas.

Rose Morrison

Bringing together patterns and feminine elements, Rose Morrison creates fashion and lifestyle illustrations often featuring a vintage or Parisian feel. Whether you want lifelike work accentuated with poetic shadows or vibrant portraits of stylish women, Rose has a print that will speak to your inner fashionista.

Click here to see more of Rose’s art on iCanvas.

For years, the foundation of iCanvas has been rooted in making art by all accessible by all. While gender inequity continues to create barriers in the arts, we are proud to do our part to represent a multitude of female artists creating incredible work. Support women creatives this month and beyond by learning more about our artists and browsing art by all 50 featured women.

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