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Artists to Know: 10 Black Artists to Keep Your Eye On

In honor of Black History Month, we’re sharing 10 more black artists that you can celebrate beyond February. iCanvas would be nothing without our diverse family of creators, and we’re proud to play a role in increasing representation of artists who are historically underrepresented across the industry. We hope you find a new favorite.

From Washington, DC to Zimbabwe, these 10 artists from all walks of life share an affinity for creative self-expression as a means to inspire. Depicting women as mystical mermaids, incorporating earthly elements, and celebrating biracial love, they not only create to share their perspectives but to enlighten others and shift the narrative.

Whether you’re looking for a new twist on pop culture or want to surround yourself with positive messages, keep scrolling to get to know just a few of the many Black artists we’re proud to partner with.

1. Ashley Joi

A Washington, DC area native, Ashley Joi discovered a love for painting during her Governor’s School Art Residency in 1999, and has only expanded her talent ever since. Now specializing in her own unique style, she incorporates mixed media with traditional techniques to portray Black women and girls in an inspiring light. Her combinations of bold colors with intricate details result in imaginative scenes featuring mermaids, goddesses and fantastical beings complimented by earthly elements. 

Click here to see more of Ashley Joi’s art on iCanvas.

2. Evan Williams

“I’m trying to capture a moment in time and share it with the world.” Digital artist Evan Williams creates exaggerated caricatures of celebrities and characters, with the intention of paying tribute to them. Incorporating bold colors, graffiti style and symbolism — like the correlation of a subject’s hands with their spirit — his work portrays a cartoonish perspective of cultural icons, from politicians to pop stars.

Click here to see more of Evan Williams’ art on iCanvas.

3. Adekunle Adeleke

Self-taught Nigerian artist Adekunle Adeleke creates dreamy digital portraits celebrating African beauty. His work combines ornate patterns and pops of color, often incorporating birds, fruits and botanicals. His creations evoke a surreal softness while capturing the individuality of his subjects. As a result, Adekunle has been praised by South African outlets including OkayAfrica and Between10and5.

Click here to see more of Adekunle Adeleke’s art on iCanvas.

4. Pinklomein

“Everything I love about art, I embody in every single piece of work that I create.” Pinklomein creates bright, bold digital art and abstracts blending female empowerment with positivity. Her work featuring psychedelic patterns, groovy portraiture and positive affirmations has led to collaborations with Facebook, Instagram and STARZ. As a result of her success, she created Her Art Her Story to provide a creative safe space for women creatives.

Click here to see more of Pinklomein’s art on iCanvas.

5. Yvonne Coleman Burney

“I wanted to create something that brought not pain but a beautiful acceptance of who we are as African American people, especially women.” Through her unique afrofuturistic, retro collage style, Yvonne Coleman Burney interprets the world around her. Combining colorful abstract compositions with female faces and natural elements, she brings life to everything from celestial scenes to garden goddesses. 

Click here to see more of Yvonne Coleman Burney’s art on iCanvas.

6. Pride Nyasha

Through his mixed media creations, Zimbabwean artist Pride Nyasha explores the parallels between human emotions and our connection to Mother Earth. “There is something cathartic about nature, the freedom it exudes, so wild yet so demure.” Incorporating floral and earthly elements, he dives into the dynamic nature of love and relationships to create digital watercolors telling stories of love and loss. 

Click here to see more of Pride Nyasha’s art on iCanvas.

7. Sheisthisdesigns

Shae Anthony started Sheisthisdesigns as a way to inspire girls and women of color to not only embrace their skin, but celebrate it. “Curly, coily, chocolate, caramel, freckles, moles —  It’s all beautifully stunning and worth sharing.” Combining strong female portraiture with bold colors and typography, Shae’s work exudes empowering messages of self-love. 

Click here to see more of sheisthisdesigns’ art on iCanvas.

8. LouLouArtStudio

From expressive abstracts to minimalist figures, LouLouArtStudio artist Jemma Morris covers a wide range of mediums and styles. With an overall mission to cultivate cultural unity and inclusiveness, her creations depict everything from biracial love and families to calming nature-inspired abstract paintings. In addition to being a 2020 Etsy Design Award finalist, her versatile talent has gained her recognition from Oprah Magazine and HuffPost. 

Click here to see more of LouLouArtStudio’s art on iCanvas.

9. Indie Lowve

In an effort to spread love, graphic designer Bley Kouassi Philippe blends neon colors and layered symbols to put a unique spin on pop culture portraits. Based in West Africa, the inspiration behind the name “Indie Lowve” was born in Ghana where he immersed himself in traditional African culture. This shines through in his maximalist combinations of traditional and urban styles, resulting in art with power to light up a room.

Click here to see more of Indie Lowve’s art on iCanvas.

10. Zola Arts

Gaining inspiration from Black illustrators she admired on Instagram, Brittany Baum started posting her work in 2015 after studying tutorials and drawing books. Now, her online shop Zola Arts Factory is a place where Afrocentricity meets urban art. Juxtaposing modern, vintage and street style, Brittany illustrates and paints Black kings and queens often exuding royal vies and donning gold jewelry.

Click here to see more of Zola Arts’ art on iCanvas.

It’s an ongoing priority for iCanvas to increase the diversity of artists on our site, and we are thrilled to continue growing our partnerships with Black artists. Get to know more Black artists featured on our blog and explore our growing collection of art by Black artists to discover creators you can support this month and beyond.

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