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Artists to Know: 10 Black Artists to Check Out

In honor of Black History Month, we’re continuing to celebrate Black artists by featuring 10 more creators this week. iCanvas would be nothing without our diverse family of creators, and we’re proud to play a role in increasing representation of artists who are historically underrepresented across the industry. We hope you find a new favorite creator.

From Black sisterhood to political icons, these 10 Black artists celebrate diversity and empowerment through their artistic creations. Showcasing inner strength, personal expression, and the beauty of nature, these creators unveil the importance of community, culture, and serenity in everyday life. 

Whether you want to join the fight for justice, embrace body positivity, or stay emotionally aligned, the work from these artists provides a mix of meaningful impact and lighthearted liberation. Keep scrolling to check out just a few of the many Black artists we’re proud to partner with.

1. Nicholle Kobi

Afro-French artist Nicholle Kobi creates art to showcase Black women as “independent, modern, and not afraid to break the codes”. Fighting against clichés and stereotypes, her fashion illustrations embrace individual style and personal liberation. From plus size beauties to Black sisterhood to flawless outfits, her prints are full of inspirational vibes. Her stylish artwork has even appeared in Marie Claire, Glamour, Ebony, Essence,, ABC Studios (Grey’s Anatomy), NubianSkin, Ouidad

Click here to see more of Nicholle Kobi’s art on iCanvas.

2. Bee Harris

Bee Harris aims to speak out on important social issues and stand up for others through her eclectic art. Celebrating Black femininity, her digital illustrations showcase a mix of politics and fashionable females. As a social justice advocate outside of her artwork, she also strives to make a bold impression with her expressive displays. From faceless women to confetti celebrations to colorful cannabis, her prints give off bold and brave energy.

Click here to see more of Bee Harris’s art on iCanvas.

3. Jason O’Brien

Based in Toronto, Jason O’Brien creates art exploring “the emotional journeys of the human condition and the transcendent spirit that elevates us through hardship”. Using a mix of figurative and abstract interpretations, he wants the viewer to seek an intimate connection with the subjects and themes of his paintings. With such soulful displays of emotional awakenings and enlightenment, his prints convey powerful and reflective vibes.

Click here to see more of Jason O’Brien’s art on iCanvas.

4. Sarah Dahir

South African artist Sarah Dahir creates illustrations centered around friendships and Black sisterhood. She also showcases the importance of community and self-care through her calming prints. Depicting scenes of people relaxing and enjoying everyday life, she wants her art to be a reminder to “breathe and see the beauty in this crazy world”. From tea with the girls to breezy bike rides to joyous waterfall hangouts, her artwork gives off a peaceful and freeing aesthetic.

Click here to see more of Sarah Dahir’s art on iCanvas.

5. Damola Ayegbayo

Nigerian artist Damola Ayegbayo creates portraits of black African women to portray their beauty and strength in a creative light. His work is mostly inspired by his mother and other Black women who had an important role in his life. Wanting his art to “speak to society about morals, good behavior, love, and unity”, he uses vibrant colors to highlight the positive energy of his subjects. From radiant smiles to powerful poses to innocent young faces, his artwork gives off feelings of hope and encouragement.

Click here to see more of Damola Ayegbayo’s art on iCanvas.

6. Sagmoon Paper Co.

Focusing on the allure and culture of African-American people, Sagmoon Paper Co. creates vivid art full of eye-catching patterns and shapes. She wants her lively art to reveal her “love for people, heritage, and respecting the beauty of different cultures”. Through sisterhood, relationships, and individuality, she aims to leave a thought-provoking impact on the viewer. From expectant mothers to stylish women to body positivity, her artwork is a great way to make a striking statement.

Click here to see more of Sagmoon Paper Co.’s art on iCanvas.

7. Liz Covington

Based in Minnesota, Liz Covington creates eclectic watercolor and acrylic paintings full of dimension and color. Her creations are driven by her “love of nature, extensive travel, eternal curiosity, family, and the passion of science and technology”. Focusing mainly on abstracts, florals, and landscapes, she creates scenes with serene energy. From blossoming botanicals to soft sunsets to thoughtful faces, her artwork is sure to help bring relaxing and complex vibes to your space.

Click here to see more of Liz Covington’s art on iCanvas.

8. Yeabtsega Getachew

Based in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia, Yeabtsega Getachew creates thought-provoking digital illustrations featuring a wide range of symbolic elements, mixed textures, and ornate details. His prints reveal cultural representation and displays of emotional strength. From elegant women to colorful warpaint to golden faces, we think his artwork can bring sophisticated yet imaginative vibes to your space.

Click here to see more of Yeabtsega Getachew’s art on iCanvas.

9. Morgan Overton

Wanting to spark thought and action, Morgan Overton paints portraits of empowering Black icons and others with abstract elements. With a main focus on “uplifting the humanity, joy, and future of Black culture”, her colorful work amplifies the voices of those who are typically silenced in society. From political figures to anonymous faces to pop culture phenomena, her artwork is full of inspirational vibes. Her uplifting prints are on display at the Carnegie Museum of Art, August Wilson Center, Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre, University of Pittsburgh, and Carnegie Mellon University.

Click here to see more of Morgan Overton’s art on iCanvas.

10. ArtByAsh

ArtByAsh creates minimalist illustrations to represent Black women in a powerful light. Using bold shapes, organic color palettes, and exciting patterns, she depicts the world around her in hopes of speaking out to people. Featuring a variety of activities and people, her art can help spark thoughts on interpersonal connections and the value of self-love. From boho abstracts to displays of diversity to women empowerment, her faceless figures can transform your space into a soft yet lively atmosphere.

Click here to see more of ArtByAsh’s art on iCanvas.

It’s an ongoing priority for iCanvas to increase the diversity of artists on our site, and we are thrilled to continue growing our partnerships with Black artists. Get to know more Black artists on our blog and explore our growing collection of art by Black artists to find creators you can support this month and beyond.

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