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Art Prints Celebrating Hats

From baseball caps to sombreros to winter beanies, hats come in many shapes and sizes. With the option to dress up or down, we love the personal expression and individuality this accessory can empower. So when we saw National Hat Day coming up on January 15, we decided to put together a curation showcasing hat art in a variety of scenes and styles.

Humans wearing hats can be traced back as far as 3200 BCE, from art in a tomb depicting a man with a conical straw hat. Today, whether worn functionally to shield from the weather or stylishly to make a statement, a hat is still the perfect addition to many’s attire. If you’re a fashionista, a casual wearer, or a collector, anyone can appreciate the way a hat can jazz up an outfit. And as headwear trends have evolved, artists have continued incorporating them into their work.

From a big floppy sun hat to a surreal head covering to a disco ball adorned with a cowboy hat, this collection celebrates art all about hats. Whether you want to see rainbow flying fedoras, a delicate hat with a pink bow, or a lady with a little red beret, these prints range from whimsical to minimalist. 

If you’re looking to bring lighthearted, chic, or casual vibes to your space, this curation of hat art has it all. No matter if you prefer black and white photography, vintage oil paintings, or detailed digital illustrations, keep scrolling to find a hat print that matches your style.

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