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2022 Art Trend: Sunset Shades

As we continue to crave constant comfort and composure, it’s no surprise we predict the colors of the setting sun will be popular in decor this year. These warm and mellow tones are full of soft, yet rich radiance that can shift our minds to a more peaceful place. To help you find inspiration through the Sunset Shades trend, we gathered a photography curation that displays many ways to add tranquil vibes to your surroundings.

The heavenly evening sky is something that always catches our eyes. According to Shutterstock’s 2022 Color Trends report, the world is gravitating towards Calming Coral, Velvet Violet, and Pacific Pink because they’re similar to the hues found in sunsets. Claiming coral reflects a soothing state, violet gives an alluring appeal, and pink provides a graceful essence, Shutterstock explained that these tones can have a positive effect on our brains. Admiring these colors through photography is a wonderful way to encourage relaxation in your home.

Our curation takes inspiration from the gentle ambience created in dusk’s gorgeous charms. Whether you’re into pastel and picturesque or saturated and surreal, each print offers a dose of enchantment. From nude women floating gracefully to shimmering seas of clouds to flocks of photogenic flamingos, this collection reveals a colorful yet restful aesthetic.

No matter what style of scenery you’re drawn to, this 2022 Art Trend curation gives you a way to enjoy these beautiful Sunset Shades all day. From tropical to trippy to tranquil, keep scrolling to discover your favorite types of twilight tints.

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