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2022 Art Trend: Friendly Mythical Creatures

Seeing surreal faces in unusual spaces creates a sense of excitement and adventure, so it’s no surprise we predict art featuring imaginary critters will surge in popularity this year. With their creative appearances and marvelous personalities, their unique charms can inspire youthful and endearing energy. To help you begin your journey into the Friendly Mythical Creatures trend, we put together a curation showcasing the many ways you can add these loveable lads to your space.

According to Etsy’s 2022 trends, searches for fairies and mythical creatures are soaring, largely due to our nostalgic cravings for childlike wonder. The desire to “escape to mystical and magical realities” stems from our search for comfort during these challenging COVID times. Warm and welcoming fantasy characters can help provide that mood boost we’re yearning for right now. This mysterious style of play can easily be incorporated into your home through art to help you set up a space full of enchanting escapism vibes. 

Focusing on the warm-hearted and more pleasant species from make-believe lands, our curation gives off inviting yet fearless feelings. Whether you want to embark on a voyage with a ginormous beast or gaze with amazement at an intriguing scene, our selection has it all. From meetings with dreamy fairies to encounters with dragon hybrids to outings with robot pals, each print reveals a good-natured depiction of a beautiful being. 

No matter what your decor style, our Friendly Mythical Creatures curation offers a variety of ways to step into a whimsical world. From the sweet nature of a gentle giant to the alluring charm of a rainbow unicorn, keep scrolling to discover a new friend to bring home.

Didn’t see your new BFF? Browse the 300+ prints in our Friendly Mythical Creatures art trend collection available on iCanvas.

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