Sunset Over San Francisco by iCanvas artist Matteo Colombo
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2021 Art Trend: Golden Hour

Capturing the natural ambience of those glittering moments before sunset or just after sunrise, golden hour is a favorite time of day for amateur and professional photographers alike. To help you find your own spin on this sundrenched style, we curated a collection of iCanvas prints featuring this luminous trend.

As a precious metal, gold has been valued in societies for centuries, used to symbolize status, bestow honor, and celebrate good fortune. Making a connection between illumination and enlightenment, some ancient cultures even worshipped the sun as a source of wisdom. Highlighting hope on the horizon and the dawn of a new day, golden hour art brings a rich glow to any home. From monumental silhouettes to mornings in the mountains, shimmering amber hues can add a dramatically beautiful backdrop to everything. It’s no wonder the glimmers of champagne and gold are at the top of Shutterstock’s 2021 Color Trend Report. 

iCanvas has a huge variety of art prints featuring Golden Hour, making it easy to give your space a “glow up.” Check out our curation below to find your perfect piece. 

Didn’t find one you love? Browse our complete Golden Hour art trend collection available on iCanvas.

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