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Various Takes on Violin Art

According to cave drawings found in France, stringed instruments have been around since 13,000 BC. The musical devices evolved in shape and sound until suddenly in around 1500 AD, the violin appeared. Today the violin is a classic instrument heard across our musical landscapes. Gracing innumerable songs, soundtracks, and stages throughout time, this curation showcases the various ways artists depict this elegant device on canvas. 

While keeping focus on the sleek and sophisticated subject, artists leverage their unique mediums and creative approaches to offer a range of ways to celebrate your love for the violin. With or without an accompanying bow, some prints focus on the instrument’s graceful curves, while others step back and appreciate the full silhouette. From intimate photos to expressive watercolors to historical illustrations, each perspective sings a slightly different tune.    

Whether you’re looking to add a pop of color or lean into the violin’s warm wood tones, iCanvas can help you show off your love for violins with art. Keep scrolling to see how different styles and mediums impact violin art, and scroll further to see more ways artists incorporate violins into their creations.

Looking at artwork featuring just violins, it’s easy to see each artist’s unique impact. But once we layer in more subject variation, the range of artwork simply featuring violins becomes even more distinct. From surreal scenes to concerts in trees to mermaids fiddling by the fire, the wide range makes it easy to decorate with violin art no matter your style. Keep scrolling to see more ways artists celebrate violins in their artwork.  

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