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Various Takes on Octopus Art

With their eight arms, bulbous heads, and suction cups, octopuses are wonderfully mysterious creatures. Whether you’ve enjoyed viewing them at the aquarium up close or if you’ve admired these intelligent beings from afar, these cephalopods are incredibly intriguing. To honor these tentacled marvels, we put together a curation of octopus art shown in a variety of ways.

Aside from their unique body, octopuses are full of fascinating attributes. Unlike many living things, octopuses have three hearts and the ability to change colors. When their muscles tense, they tend to have a brighter color, but when relaxed, it’s less noticeable and not as vibrant. This exciting arrangement of pigments, along with their overall otherworldly appearance and impressive intelligence, have inspired artists across many mediums to showcase them in a variety of portrayals.

Some shown with realistic elements, others displayed with delightful facial expressions, this curation is all about these entrancing deep sea beasts. Despite focusing on the same subject, each of these artists created their own interpretations with a range of styles. From delicate watercolors to intricate drawings to textured paintings, this collection contains a mix of depictions. Full of mesmerizing energy, bold captivation, and a touch of charm, we think octopus art is a great way to bring some whimsical wonder to your space. 

Whether you prefer ethereal underwater displays, multi-hued scenes, or detailed patterned creations, these various takes on octopus art can help you show off your admiration for these animals. Keep scrolling to see how different styles and mediums impact octopus art, and scroll further to see more ways artists incorporate these compelling ocean creatures into their creations.

Looking at artwork with just octopuses, it can be easier to see each artist’s unique impact. But once we layer in more subject variation, the range of artwork featuring octopuses becomes even more distinct. From lovely mermaid friends to surreal animal fusions to unusual portraits, the eye-catching spread and odd nature of these scenes can help you decorate with octopus art in any style. Keep scrolling to see more ways artists celebrate octopuses in their artwork.

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