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Various Takes on Moon Art

Moon art and decor has long been a way to bring a bit of the cosmos to your corner of the world. Which is no surprise, considering the centuries humanity has spent being in awe of the moon. Artists of course are among the many lovestruck by this lunar beauty. So in honor of National Moon Day last year, we pulled together a curation celebrating the wonder it brings to the sky and our imaginations. This year, we’re extending the celebration by updating the blog with even more and new various kinds of moon art. 

Long before Neil Armstrong took a giant leap for mankind, the moon allured humans across various time periods and cultures. While everyone observes the same moon, artists’ renderings of it are as unique as its many phases and symbolic interpretations. From waxing to waning, stoic to enchanting, their takes on moon art offer endless ways to enjoy its celestial magic. Whether you’re into modern and metallic, soft and pastel, or rich and dramatic, each print shines a new light on one of our favorite cosmic neighbors. 

From breathtaking photography to surreal sky scenes to minimalist abstracts, we have all the moon wall art you need to illuminate your space. Keep scrolling to lasso the moon art that’s right for you.

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