Various takes on bee art
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Various Takes on Bee Art

Bee art is the perfect way to give your space a buzzworthy vibe. Representing everything from prosperity to sustainability, bees of all shapes, sizes and art styles serve as an inspiring subject to many iCanvas creators. So in honor of National Honey Bee day this Sunday, we put together a curation celebrating these key members of our ecosystems (and their buzzing relatives).

From endearing to edgy, the various artistic takes on bees offer endless ways to pay homage to our favorite pollinators. Whether you’re one of the hundreds of thousands Americans who have taken on beekeeping, you dig the bright feel their bumbling colors bring to the season, or you simply feel giddy when you see one buzzing from bloom to bloom, there are so many reasons to bring bee art into your home. 

From painted scenes of them in their honeycomb homes to digital art portraying the matriarch that is the queen bee, we have all the bee art you need to add a buzz to your space. Keep scrolling to discover the right bee art for your personal style.

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