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Various Takes on Bathtime Art

No matter if you like kicking back with a glass of wine, filling the water with scented bubbles, or if you enjoy making the bath fun for your kids, the tub is a wonderful place to unwind. So when we saw it was Bathtub Party Day yesterday, we decided to celebrate with a bathtime art curation focusing on a variety of fun and interesting creations.

If taking a bath makes you feel good, it’s because it’s actually beneficial to your body. Baths can give us a variety of health benefits including increased blood flow, better oxygen intake, improved immunity, and much more. Whether you take baths for cleanliness or calmness, you’re supporting your well-being in a great way. But that doesn’t mean this functional space can’t feature a bit of fun!

Featuring a mix of adorable pets, cute wild animals, and people, this curation is all about taking a bath. Despite focusing on the same subject, each of these artists created their own interpretations with a range of styles. From playful mixed media scenes to detailed oil paintings to soft watercolors, this collection contains a mix of bathtime depictions. Full of calm vibes, delightful energy, and feminine feels, we think bathtime artwork is a great way to bring some personality to this everyday space.

Whether you prefer glam sparkly waters, endearing sudsy dogs, or bathing bunny families, these various takes on bathtime art make it easy to find one fitting your style. Keep scrolling to see how different techniques and mediums impact bathtime art, and scroll further to see more ways artists incorporate bathtime into their creations.

Looking at artwork focusing on just taking a bath, it can be easier to see each artist’s unique impact. But once we layer in more subject variation, the range of artwork featuring bathtime becomes even more distinct. From fantasy ocean scenes to lovers in the bathroom to ethereal dreamscapes, the fascinating spread and eye-catching mix of these prints can help you decorate your bathroom in any style. Keep scrolling to see more ways artists celebrate bathtime in their artwork.

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