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Series Spotlight: Bubble Gum Portraits by Alexander Grahovsky

When an artist creates a series, it gives us something to recognize and appreciate them for — almost like a signature. We’re excited to highlight iCanvas artist Alexander Grahovsky’s “Bubble Gum” oil painting series, one that has gained significant esteem in the art community.

When viewing Grahovsky’s portraits, one notices each individual is very different from the next. However, the pink bubble gum seems to represent a common ground shared by all. The extraordinary level of detail Grahovsky employs brings each person to life, with bright color palettes easily catching the eye. With titles such as “How Far is a Light Year?” and “My Eyes Are Green,” Grahovsky says they add context to each piece’s narrative. For a series he claims he began on accident, it’s certainly a happy one.

When he’s not painting, the Madrid-based, self-taught artist works as a front-end developer. He values the simplicity of a slow, leisurely lifestyle and hopes to continue painting each day.

Check out the full Bubble Gum series in the gallery below. For more work by Alexander Grahovsky, visit his complete portfolio of 49 prints available on iCanvas.

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