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Seasonal Curation: Winter Wonderland

Although holiday decorating is tons of fun, holiday art can only stay up for a short window of time. The seasonal beauty of winter, however, can be appreciated year-round. Last year, we curated art inspired by the season to help art lovers experience stunning winter scenes from the warmth and comfort of home. We’re back this season with all-new prints to refresh that same vibe!

Glistening snowflakes, glacial landscapes from arctic regions, and incredible wildlife roaming wintry habitats are gorgeous images to depict in art. Whether it’s a city or a mountainscape, any place can look beautiful when winter-fied. Animals that live in frozen locales are just as impressive as the scenery. Majestic stags, towering moose, and arctic foxes as white as snow are amazing and rare creatures to see. Having an art print inspired by them makes it easier to keep those feelings of wonder close. Whether you call a hot or cold climate home, winter-inspired art can bring a tranquil vibe to your space.

iCanvas has a huge variety of winter-inspired art prints, making it easy to find one that fits your personality. Check out our updated curation below to find your perfect wintery print.

Didn’t find one you love? Browse our complete collection of Winter Wonderland art prints available on iCanvas.

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